The human being is an ornamental species. In the digital age, the ornaments we deck ourselves with are the pictures we post online.

i-Wall is a sculptural interior concept and analysis of our behavior on social media. It is a reflection of a time of living both physically and digitally and of the influence this has on how we present ourselves to the world.  

The intension is to imitate the audience’s digital behavior in physical space. The fragmented pattern of glass and mirrors catches the eye, and as they approach, spectators find themselves inclined to pose before the mirrors and, perhaps, snap a picture of their fragmented reflections.

The design is a re-interpretation of the room divider and the mirror that combines the two in a decorative, digitally inspired design, thereby satisfying our growing need for photogenic surroundings. At the same time, it poses the question: what becomes of reality when it is constantly cropped into snippets? By simulating the fragmented worldview we create, when curating and exhibiting our digital profiles, i-Wallconfronts us with our performance online, while serving as a prop for this performance as it unfolds.

Exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2018, G18.

This project is supported by The Danish Art Foundation, Ernst B. Sund Fonden and the Toyota Fund.

All Rights Reserved © Elvira von Wieding, Copenhagen, Denmark
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