Daruma Trophy

Design competition for the Keep An Eye Award (NL)
– Shortlisted


“determination, vision and the future.”

The Keep and Eye grant is given to creatives to support them in making their dreams come true. As the name refers to – the person recieving the award is someone the foundation believe is going to achieve great things – someone the world should keep an eye out for. Consequently the award is given as an investment in the future.

“The trophy itself is a character - the playful and talented spirit of the Keep an Eye Foundation.”

The idea behind the Daruma Trophy is build around the Daruma doll. A Daruma is an eye-less japanese doll. One eye is drawn upon setting a goal and the second and remaining eye filled in upon fulfilling this goal.
The Daruma symbolizes determination, vision and the future.
It serves as a physical reminder of a goal that you are comitted to make happen.
The trophy itself is a character - the playful and talented spirit of The Keep An Eye Foundation.
During the ceremony the Award Winner is given the first eye to place on the trophy symbolizing the goal being set and the chance he/she has won to fulfil it. The Trophy will with its one-eyed stare be a constant reminder of the dream that you set out to make a reality.

The Daruma Trophy mentioned as one of the highlights of Dutch Design Week 2015 in Dutch Vouge.

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