The public space – which both the tourist and the local inhabit.´

A reversed souvinir – The tourist leaves the souvenir behind in the public space they have visited.

Made in collaboration with Marie Sloth Rousing.

Co-Created Street Art

Tourism and Exchange

How might we create a frame for thetourist to make an immaterial exchange which adds something to the daily routine of the local and give both a positive experience?

The Souvinir

From the Tourist to the Local

One Of takes the classic idea of the souvenir and turns it upside down so that the souvenir / gift / memoire is left for the place and people who ultimately created the experience the tourist has been enjoying.

Street Art Puzzle Pieces

The souvenir takes its shape as Street Art Puzzle Pieces with which the tourist participate in creating a larger image for the local space.

Concept / Inspiration book:

For a limited amount of time One Of creates the possibility for the tourists to give something back to the city space they are visiting and through this to the locals living there.
One Of only consist of a specific amount of puzzle pieces and the pieces are specific for the city in theme, shape and character. It is therefore a limited edition experience to be a part of.

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